7. Changelog

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API 18


May 10, 2024


  • Based on your organisation's Privacy Settings, external users (from other organisations on the same server) are now available in the directory and can be used for chat creation.
  • And a few subtle updates for an even more reliable and pleasant experience


  • In some cases, when downloading media to the computer on Windows devices, the files were saved without their proper file extension.
  • Sometimes live locations were not updated in time
  • Some audio messages sent from the Teamwire Desktop version couldn’t be played properly on other devices.
  • When receiving a PDF in a chat, you couldn't open it the first time you were entering that chat.
  • In some logs we couldn’t properly collect the Windows version
  • There was still one edge case where some chats were not properly marked as read


Apr 19, 2024


  • Now you can add/edit the chat picture of group chats
  • Search results are now displayed faster when using the search bar while adding new chat members
  • We’ve kept optimizing the reconnection of the websockets
  • And a few subtle updates for an even more reliable and pleasant experience


  • Sometimes you were informed by push notifications that you received a reaction to your attention message, although this reaction belonged to an attention message not sent by you.
  • In some cases, after reading new messages of a chat, the badge (blue dot) for the new messages was still displayed.
  • In some cases your sent messages were appearing multiple times in your chats
  • When changing the title of a Group Chat from the Webclient or an old Desktop version (3.X.X), that chat title was appearing encrypted in the new Desktop 4.0.X versions.
  • Sometimes the author of a message was also appearing in his read receipts section


Apr 11, 2024


  • We’ve kept optimizing the reconnection of the websockets after having the computer in standby mode.
  • From now on, you will receive a push notification when someone reacts to one of your attention messages.
  • From now on, the app will be displayed by default in the language of your OS, and if it is not one of our 12 supported languages, it will be displayed in English. You can change the language in the app settings at any time.
  • And a few subtle updates for an even more reliable and pleasant experience


  • In some cases, the automated registration did not work correctly. 
  • Sometimes it was not possible to perform a new login after doing a logout.
  • The proxy URL provided via the registry sometimes was not correctly applied to the app settings 
  • When receiving attachments, the sender's name was not displayed in the preview of your message inbox.
  • In some cases some read receipts were not properly updated
  • In some cases, after reading new messages of a chat, the badge (blue dot) for the new messages was still displayed.
  • There was an edge case where your own messages were displayed as "New message".
  • If the title of a group chat was changed in the web client or in the Desktop 3.X.X versions, the title was displayed encrypted in the new Desktop 4.X.X versions.


Apr 05, 2024


  • We optimised the reconnection of the websockets so that this process now runs faster and improves the user experience - especially with a weak data connection to the backend.
  • And a few subtle updates for an even more reliable and pleasant experience


  • In Broadcast-Chats it was sometimes not possible to see the last sent message completely
  • If a new poll was received, the first time entering the chat it was not visible.
  • If the network connection was lost during the registration process, the auto registration couldn’t be triggered again.
  • In some cases during auto registration, some values were required that can be entered manually in future.


Mar 28, 2024


  • All registry entries have been implemented.
    Feel free to download our templates for the required syntax of the variables.
    • User first name
    • User last name
    • User email address
    • User registration token
    • User phone number
    • User Email domain
    • Teamwire Server Backend URL
    • Proxy URL
    • Custom certificates
    • Custom support email address
    • Custom info for login audit
    • Run on startup
    • Enable/Disable logout by user
    • Enable/Disable session closing by user
    • Please note:
      • Configuring a registry entry for the system proxy is no longer applicable, as the new desktop app uses it by default
      • Configuring a registry entry to use Windows Certificate Store is no longer applicable, as the new desktop app uses it by default
  • The message retention period is now properly applied to all your chats and messages
  • We improved the initial synchronisation so that this process now runs faster and in smaller steps. This will improve the user experience - especially with a weak data connection to the backend.
  • We improved our websockets connections.
  • Integration of Federated Chats and Users
  • And a few subtle updates for an even more reliable and pleasant experience


  • When another user changed his avatar, in some cases it was not properly updated in your app
  • In some cases the Push Notifications about a VoIP call didn’t sound if the app was in background


Mar 21, 2024

Please note: For Teamwire Cloud customers with Teamwire Desktop Version 3.4.2 or lower the installation of this update is mandatory.


  • The app will not perform checks related to SSL pinning anymore


Mar 14, 2024


  • In the Edit Profile section you can now go edit your profile photo and upload a new one.
  • Also in the Edit Profile section, you can now change your password if needed
  • We’ve optimized the behaviour and availability of the "Join" button for ongoing voice and video calls. 
  • We’ve improved our websockets connections to provide a better and faster experience in the app.
  • All app permissions set in the Dashboard are fully taken into account in this platform.
  • And a few subtle updates for an even more reliable and pleasant experience


  • Sometimes when you were added to a new or existing chat,  it was not immediately reflected in your inbox.


Feb 29, 2024


  • New section "Attention messages" in the chat settings. The attention messages shared in chat will be grouped in this new section to make it easier to find.
  • You can now go to your account section and edit your profile
  • New “Privacy” section in your account with new options like allowing you to see and manage all your active sessions and also your blocked contacts


  • The cancelling action when sending a video/audio/image message was not working properly
  • On a Windows OS the app could be opened multiple times


Feb 16, 2024


  • New section "Shared media" in the chat settings. The media shared in chat will be grouped in this new section to make it easier to find.
  • You can now create and edit Lists in your directory
  • When opening a Live Location you’ll now have a new settings option to decide if you want to show in the pin of the map the user name, the role and if the pins of nearby users should be grouped.


  • Some videos couldn’t be sent
  • At the end of the “Create new chat” flow, some users couldn’t create a new chat pressing the “Enter” button on their keyboard.


Feb 02, 2024


  • Members of circles and lists can now be viewed in the directory.
  • Decide if you want to download automatically the attachments you receive by activating this option in the app settings section 
  • We have improved the updates of the read receipts 


  • Sometimes, the chat admins and members were not properly updated in the chat settings
  • If the user was removed from a chat that was currently open, the app crashed


Jan 17, 2024


  • Manage more preferences. In the app settings section, you can select your preferred microphone and speaker device, which are used for calls and voice messages.
  • Teamwire can start in a minimised window. This option is available in the app settings.
  • We have also improved your experience in the logout flow


  • Sometimes sending video attachments took too much time


Dec 21, 2023


  • Manage your preferences. The new app settings section provides options for notification tones, sending messages with enter, language settings, and much more.
  • We are here to help. In our Help center section, you can find all the information about the app and contact us if needed.
  • Now you can export your chat history as a PDF. This feature allows you to save your conversations for future reference or safekeeping.
  • The file size limit for audio attachments has been increased to 30 MB


Dec 05, 2023


  • Now just click on any file shared in a chat to directly open it in their respective app. You won’t need to download the file first.
  • When searching for a specific user in the search bar of the inbox now, clicking on its result will display his full profile.


  • Forwarding some types of files was not working properly. Now you can forward videos, recorded audios, and calendar events again.  


Nov 21, 2023


  • We have improved the process of logging out for those who use automated registration with a more intuitive behavior. 
  • From now on, desktop sessions will provide the device information in the Active Sessions screen (only available on Mobile at the moment)  
  • If users have selected the "Show emails to others" option in their account, an email can be sent to them via their profile (at the moment the account section is only available on Mobile). 
  • We have improved the blocking of users by adding a confirmation step before the action is executed. This ensures that you can't accidentally block someone.


  • The read receipts are now properly updated. 
  • Now, only unarchived chats are shown in the Unread tab. 
  • Duplicate notifications have been fixed.  
  • When sending a message, the chat will automatically scroll to the bottom to ensure users can see the latest message. 
  • To improve the readability of the chat, we have increased the space between the last message and the text input area. 
  • New messages are displayed in the chat view without needing to switch chats.  


Nov 7, 2023

Revamped and redesigned, the new Teamwire Desktop app makes collaboration faster and easier than ever. We're listening to your feedback and working hard to make our app even better, so updates take place every 2 weeks.

This release resolves some issues and optimizes the overall user experience.


  • Your chat actions (e.g. "mark as unread" or "mark as favourite", etc) will now be synched when starting your Desktop app, so everything looks the same on all your devices
  • In the Directory, you can view your contact's full profile
  • You can directly start a call with someone that you didn’t have a chat with before
  • Downloaded file attachments (e.g. PDF, ZIP, etc) keep their original file name. This does not apply to photos or videos.
  • A lot more subtle updates for a more reliable and pleasant experience


  • Missing translation for the "Delete" message action
  • Some days of the week were not properly translated
  • In some cases, the app name was not correctly represented in the desktop Notification Center
  • When replying to messages, displaying the original message was sometimes delayed
  • Some app crashes were fixed
  • The "serverHost" value provided with the Windows Registry/config file (for automated registration) was not correctly stored. This caused the app to fall back to the default hostname (Teamwire Cloud) as soon as the app was re-started.
  • When saving an attached EXE file, the file name extension was dropped


Oct 23, 2023

Revamped and redesigned, the new Teamwire Desktop app makes collaboration faster and easier than ever. Rolling out on Mac, Windows and Linux today - available for web soon.

This release includes several changes and fine-tuning, resulting in improved navigation and making app features easier to find.

We would like to highlight the following enhancements in particular:

  • Mark chats as read/unread
    Chats can be marked as unread, allowing you to easily add a reminder to conversations which you want to go back to later. You can also mark a chat as read without opening the conversation.
  • Mark chats as favourite
    Favourite chats are displayed in a dedicated tab in the user's inbox, allowing them to organise their conversations and access favoured chats more quickly
  • New inbox filters to better organise your chats and quickly find them. Now you will have: All chats, Favourite chats, Unread chats, and Archived chats
  • Upgraded avatars for group chats and users without an uploaded photo to better identify them and to create a more vibrant and delightful experience while collaborating
  • Teamwire supports 8 more languages: French, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Czech, and Croatian
  • A lot more subtle updates for a more reliable and pleasant experience

API 17


May 18, 2023


  • When sending several images via Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V a wrong picture thumbnail was seen in the chat


Apr 17, 2023


  • The contacts sync got stuck when there was a change of the federation state
  • Sometimes federated users were not displayed as members of the correct circles


Jan 23, 2023


  • ArcGIS Maps: Teamwire supports ArcGIS Maps as maps provider when a location or live location is shared via a mobile Teamwire app. This feature requires to be configured in the Teamwire Dashboard. If enabled, the app will automatically start displaying your ArcGIS Maps layers.


  • An exception for WebSockets reconnection issues was not caught


Dec 22, 2022


  • Sometimes the video call notifications were not received
  • Sometimes the app crash when opening the Directory tab
  • When sending several files via Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V the same file was attached multiple times
  • macOS 13 (Ventura) only: The "Seen by" section (read receipts) was not updated in the active chat view
  • macOS 13 (Ventura) only: Push notifications would not include messages previews and show "You have a message" only
  • macOS 13 (Ventura) only: Push notifications for one's own sent messages were generated (when sent from another active app/session)
  • macOS 13 (Ventura) only: Unread messages counter (in-app and Dock) was not updated, if the messages were read in another active app/session


Nov 03, 2022


  • Fixed a conflict with the Password login when the setting "Require registration token for password login" was enabled in the Teamwire Dashboard
  • The Windows system proxy was not correctly applied


Sep 22, 2022


  • Occasionally the last message you sent appeared back in the writing area


Sep 21, 2022


  • We’ve substituted the reaction buttons of the Alert messages (OK/SOS) by checkmark and red cross icons ✅ ❌
  • Add more value to your attention messages adding an attachment. You can now attach to them a photo, video, file and link.
  • View areas on maps: When a Location or Live Location is shared via a mobile Teamwire app, your colleagues are able to show specific areas by drawing them directly on the map in their mobile app.


  • Banner for not responded alerts didn't disappear after user responded to the alert
  • Join button did not work if user have left a call and tries to re-join
  • The app didn't stop ringing if call was answered from another client
  • Other small UI adjustments

API 16


May 30, 2022

We would like to point out that the client update is mandatory for users of the Public Cloud.
The update needs to be performed by 07 June 2022, otherwise connecting to the Teamwire Cloud will no longer be possible.


  • Updated SSL pinning settings for the new Teamwire Cloud SSL certificate


May 13, 2022


  • You can now "Join" ongoing calls you were invited to in case you missed the initial ring or were busy on another conversation
  • Improvements in viewing Live Location maps
    • Enable / Disable to show a user’s role in the map
    • Zoom in / out in the map with your mouse wheel or trackpad
    • Drag to the left to manually enlarge the map view


  • Automated registration was not performed correctly for Windows "Standard users" that had restrictive access
  • The app continued to ring when the user answered the call via another app client
  • Fixed some exceptions that caused 1:1 calls to crash
  • Group calls got terminated if one of the participants was already in another call
  • Smaller VoIP call fixes


Apr 21, 2022


  • Voice and video group calls
    You can have voice and video calls in group chats with several users. This feature must be enabled by your admin.
  • Added the option to modify your video background during the call
  • Added the option to share your screen during calls
  • Smaller VoIP improvements
  • The public phone number in your profile will no longer support special characters (except "+" for the country code) and whitespaces
  • Improved search results in attention messages for better legibility
  • Added support for locations and attention messages in Federated chats


  • Federated chats showed the option to start a call
  • When Teamwire was in the background, the sound for an incoming call would continue, even though it had already been cancelled
  • Fixed some German system messages
  • Shared PNG images with transparent areas were sometimes not properly converted
  • Forwarding a message would crash the app under certain circumstances


Feb 23, 2022


  • Under certain circumstances, the app keeps crashing shortly after starting it


Dec 02, 2021


  • Federated chats
    The Desktop app now supports federated chats. With federated chats, you can start conversations with users from other Teamwire Servers. The availability of chat participants is limited to contacts and circles that have been enabled for federated usage. More information about Teamwire Federation are available here.
  • Federated contacts and circles
    The directory will list federated contacts and circles, if you have been enabled for federated usage. They will show the Teamwire Federation icon and their associated backend name. More information about Teamwire Federation are available here.
  • Private voice and video calls
    You can have voice and video calls in 1:1 chats. Make sure to allow your browser to use your camera and microphone.
  • System messages will show time stamps
  • We improved our logfiles. They are also now collected in a dedicated directory in your app user data.
  • Stability improvements


  • Audio attachments could not be stopped or resumed on Linux
  • Unread alert chats remained on top of the inbox even after the chat had been closed
  • Fixed some login errors that would appear under certain circumstances
  • Consecutive audio files were not automatically played in a row in the Media Overview panel
  • Sometimes profile pictures were not updated correctly
  • The Dashboard app permission “Allow Copy/Paste“ was not applied correctly
  • Smaller bug fixes

API 15


Aug 26, 2021


  • New audio recording feature for sending voice messages using microphone
  • Forwarded messages are now visually highlighted
  • Improved DNS auto-detect backend mechanism
  • Empty chats older than retention policy settings are removed from inbox
  • Minor visual improvements


  • Attachments are not correctly decrypted
  • App crashes when attaching or receiving many heavy pictures
  • Last messages in a chat are not visible when the chat input is resized
  • Chat members list show only the first 20 users


Jun 23, 2021


  • App crashes when Windows Registry parameter “UseCertificateStore” was set to true
  • Under certain circumstances the message content was blackened while scrolling the chat
  • App could not be launched correctly once it has been upgraded on Linux Ubuntu (or Debian)


May 25, 2021


  • Improved the layout of text input on full-screen mode to allow a better access to available actions


  • App frequently crashed on macOS Big Sur
  • Members added via Circles to a chat could not be promoted to chat administrators
  • Name of file attachments (PDF, TXT, etc.) were not correct when saved locally
  • Polls could be created even though Dashboard's app permission "Allow Attachments" was disabled (and "Allow Interactive Attachments" was enabled)
  • Any chat member could end a poll instead of its creator only
  • Under certain circumstances chats could not be saved as PDF
  • Under certain circumstances some links in messages could cause a crash
  • Various smaller bugfixes


Apr 22, 2021


  • New "Attention Messages" allow users to create three different message types (Alerts, Announcements and Notes) and to react to them with different responses.
  • Improved security through advanced password settings allowing administrators to customise password rules.
  • Support "Members per Chat" setting, allowing administrators to set the maximum number of members per chat in the Teamwire Dashboard.
  • Split multiple attachments in different messages to normalize behavior with mobile apps.
  • Show list of chat administrators in closed chats.
  • Improved logs for a better readability and catching previously not logged exceptions.


  • The app is closed during startup if the system is set to some specific languages.
  • Under certain circumstances the chat teaser might be shown as an encrypted text and the chat is not accessible.
  • Folder paths are not correctly pasted in the chat input.
  • Chat teaser is not updated when the chat last message is deleted.
  • Messages links preview are still visible even if the message has been deleted.
  • Changes in the user profile are not immediately reflected.
  • Initial sync is slow under certain circumstances.
  • Attachments with filename extension in capital letters (e.g. .JPG) are not accepted.
  • Using 'Enter' key in order to force a line break cuts off parts of the message.
  • Various smaller bugs.

API 14


Jan 21, 2021


  • Improved video attachments quality
  • Redesigned Workspace that makes sending messages and attachments faster and improves the alarm feature usability
  • Now supports "Force Contact Sync" feature from Dashboard


  • Auto-registration does only respect default user data directory under certain circumstances
  • When sharing an attachment via drag&drop, the text input field is not focused reliably
  • When sharing a location, maps are not be visible when the proxy is set via a PAC file
  • Inbox is not refreshed correctly under certain circumstances (e.g. message retention period)
  • Videos sent from desktop are not correctly displayed on the web client
  • Videos (MOV file format only) sent from other devices are not correctly shown
  • Searching for a contact on Directory tab misses typed characters sometimes
  • Multiple video/audio attachments can be played at once
  • Various bugfixes


Oct 16, 2020


  • Added option to convert 1:1 chats to group chats.
  • Increased maximum chat members limit to 2500.
  • New setting that allows to change the default UI language.


  • Some security improvements.
  • Various smaller bugs.


Aug 26, 2020


  • Managed Groups are now renamed to "Circles".
  • User Groups are now renamed to "Lists".
  • New flow that makes it easier to create new chats of different types.
  • Redesigned Directory with better access to your Contacts, Circles, Lists and Bots.
  • The ability to delete sent messages in case you realize a message you sent was not a great idea.
  • User read receipts setting: Users can disable their read receipts manually.
  • User profiles can be extended by their email and phonenumber.


  • Sessions last accessed dates are not correctly displayed.
  • Crash when clicking on a push notification linked to a chat the user has been removed from.
  • Html code sent in messages is rendered.
  • Various smaller bugs.

API 13


Jun 26, 2020


  • Error during the generation of databases when drive is encrypted using some 3rd party technologies.
  • It is not possible to reply to a message when a first reply has been cancelled.
  • Location attachments can not be forwarded.
  • The last sent message is not correctly shown when another message is received at the same time.
  • "Out of memory" error during initial sync under certain circumnstances.


May 11, 2020


  • Live Location feature which allows to track in real-time all users sharing their live position in a chat.
  • Updated Emoticon library.


  • "Next" button in regular registration does not work under certain circumstances.
  • Windows Silent installation with /APPDATA=True is not considered when /STARTUP=true is specified.
  • Alert messages response buttons are visible when a chat is set as "Broadcast".
  • Various smaller bugs.


Apr 03, 2020


  • Chat administrators can now close chats when they are no longer active.
  • Creating new chats is faster and more reliable.
  • Public Groups created at Teamwire dashboard can be now used in your chats.


  • App allows to set profile picture or chat avatar even though permission is not granted.
  • Notifications timespan in settings is ignored.
  • EnablePasswordLogin property in register or configuration file is not working as expected.
  • Action "Groups > Edit" in the main menu is not working as expected.
  • Emoji history is wiped when the application is closed.
  • When a new chat is created sometimes the avatar is not properly displayed.
  • App crashes when creating a new 1:1 chat under certain circumstances.
  • App crashes when clearing the chat searchbox after performing a message search.
  • Various smaller bugs.

API 12


Mar 06, 2020


  • Notifications are now native and integrated in the system notifications center (macOS only).
  • UI inputs fields are now limited in characters length.
  • Contacts from others organisations are now visibly marked so you can easily distinguish them.


  • Sometimes avatars are not shown after a new clean registration.
  • Chat user limit can be exceeded by a new chat administrator.
  • App crashes when disabling notifications.
  • When the app is offline for a while chats and messages exceeding retention period are not correctly cleared.
  • Message status is not shown when it is sent from other clients.
  • Various smaller bugs.

2.0.1 (Windows only)

Feb 07, 2020


  • UI inputs fields are now limited in characters length.
  • Contacts from others organisations are now visibly marked so you can easily distinguish them.


  • Chat user limit can be exceeded by a new chat administrator.
  • App crashes when disabling notifications.
  • When the app is offline for a while chats and messages exceeding retention period are not correctly cleared.
  • Message status is not shown when it is sent from other clients.
  • Various smaller bugs.


Nov 19, 2019


  • New design focused on making the app more friendly and productive.
  • Simplified new chat creation.
  • Show complete list of readers in a chat.


  • Messages timestamps are different from machine clock.
  • Various smaller bugs.


Jul 17, 2019


  • Update on the SSL server certificate. Making the application even more secure with enhanced certificate validation


  • The count of unread messages in chats is not always correct after registration or login


Jun 19, 2019


  • Ability to change your login password (if enabled by your admin).
  • New "All Alerts" section in chat's media overview where you can see all your alerts and responses in one place.
  • More information shown in alert statistics.
  • Reduced unencrypted information during sign-in/log-in.
  • Logos and profile pictures are now saved encrypted.
  • More efficient profile pictures sync.
  • Alerts and Reply-to messages are now shown on pdf print.
  • Added support for allowCloseSessions in registry/config.


  • Sometimes messages are not correctly synced.
  • Application crash when leaving a thread as a result of a search.
  • Various smaller bugs.

API 11


Apr 26, 2019


  • Limit chats to a maximum of 1250 members
  • Enhanced installation process (for Windows)
  • Various performance improvements
  • Some minor UI improvements


  • Late reconnection after network problems


Mar 22, 2019


  • Respond to a specific message
  • Interact with alert messages
  • Active sessions management
  • Show unread messages when opening a chat
  • Polls on pdf print
  • Customizable notifications sounds
  • Possibility for messages to be sent only by pressing "send" button


  • Re-sending failed message makes them disappear from chat
  • Clicking search results for archived chats crash the application
  • Forward an asset from media overview is not correctly working
  • Various smaller bugs


Mar 14, 2019


  • "ProxyURL" parameter in registry/config is not read correctly
  • "Use System Certificate Chain" option in advanced settings causes the application to crash


Feb 18, 2019


  • Error trying to connect to a server with self-signed SSL/TLS certificate under certain conditions
  • Backend hostname parameter in registry/config is not displayed in password login advanced settings


Feb 15, 2019


  • Faster user registration thanks to optimized message retrieval


Feb 11, 2019


  • Support Mute Chats
  • Backend certificate pinning for better security
  • Notifications about a new version of Teamwire can now be disabled via config/registry parameter
  • Spell check in chat message input
  • In search results, clicking on a contact or group now opens last chat with that specific user or group
  • Added "Advanced Configuration" in Login screen
  • Added config/registry parameter to disable "Log Out" button
  • Now is possible to enable "Run on Startup" both during silent installation and as a config/registry parameter
  • Now BMP and TIFF files are supported as image attachments and appear as picture on your current chat view and on the PDF print
  • Updated nw.js


  • Crash when trying opening a thread under certain conditions
  • If a chat title is changed by a different user while you are in a chat, the title in "chat options" panel is not correctly updated
  • Sometimes chat drafts are not being saved
  • Attaching a txt file by Drag & Drop is not allowed
  • Various smaller bugs.


Nov 16, 2018


  • Error produced trying to paste a file path or a screenshot from the clipboard into a chat
  • When the application is set as 'run on startup' a false positive is detected in some antivirus programs


Nov 07, 2018


  • New icons set for attachments file types
  • Allow attachment of .msg files
  • Ability to create a desktop shortcut during installation (windows only)
  • Ability to always minimize to system tray (windows only)
  • Hiding the read receipts UI in chat when disabled by the admin
  • Ability to use password login without having to specify it in the registry/config
  • New silent uninstall procedure (windows only)
  • Some security improvements
  • Some minor UI improvements


  • Error opening an attachment of type calendar sent from an android device in Windows 10
  • Some system notification messages are not correctly shown
  • When forwarding a message that contains an image only the message is forwarded
  • When a chat title is too long the chat options are not showed
  • Error when cancelling the cropping of a new chat avatar
  • It is not possible to add members to a chat that includes only a Managed Group as a member
  • Error sending an audio file containing a cover image
  • Changes in the proxy settings are not correctly applied when using system proxy (windows only)


Sep 28, 2018


  • Archived chats are now synched in all devices
  • Chats Administrators can now add a custom avatar to a chat
  • Support for "Run out of licenses" notification
  • Enhancement in the encryption of assets
  • Small improvements on profile UX
  • It is now possible to predefine the recipient of error reports (when the application crashes)
  • Messages in a chat can now be copied or forwarded by right clicking on them
  • Updated some 3rd party libraries


  • Received calendar entries can now be added to Outlook
  • Latest registration errors on 1.7.0 have been fixed (SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN error in Windows 10)
  • Now is not possible to attach an asset by dragging and dropping when attachment permissions are disabled
  • Now is not possible to delete users if ˝edit members˝ permission is disabled
  • The Unarchive option in main menu is now greyed out when the thread is not archived
  • PAC proxy configuration is now working correctly
  • Problems on printing an image attachment without saving have been fixed
  • Various smaller bugs


Aug 06, 2018


  • Added support for 'registrationToken' parameter in password login
  • Added support for Windows Certificate Store
  • More clear message when a group is added to a chat
  • Now the organisation is automatically shown in every user profile
  • Now the user status is shown in 1:1 chats
  • The message notification links now directly to the related chat
  • Added support for high precision timestamps
  • When the connector of the installation is blocked, the application now respond accordingly
  • Added support for multiple images attachments in a single message
  • Added support for 'loginAuditInfo' parameter in config.cfg/registry
  • When the organisation a user is associated with has been disabled, the application responds accordingly


  • Fixed: If the openIn permission is disabled you can save an attachment
  • Fixed: Wrong file extension when saving an image attachment on Windows


Jul 02, 2018


  • Reworked registration process
  • New Password login
  • Faster contacts synchronizations
  • Added admin capabilities to chats
  • New Alerting Feature
  • Organization custom logo support
  • Capability to remove the profile picture
  • Removed voice notes duration limit
  • Contacts names will now be updated (if changed) on startup or on pressing the "refresh contacts" button
  • Timestamps are now added in log entries in registration_failure.txt
  • Reduced minimum height and width of app window


  • User name can now be correctly changed
  • Profile picture is now refreshed correctly when a different one is picked
  • Location attachment is now correctly displayed on PDFs
  • Fixed: Wrong encoding of umlaute (ü,ä,ö,ß) when reading from registry on Windows
  • Admin Portal "Wipe" function now is correctly working
  • Fixed: Error shown in MacOs when trying to paste into a chat a text copied from Terminal or Notes apps
  • Fixed: Error shown when trying to paste into a chat an existing directory path
  • Fixed: Crash when opening search results
  • Fixed: Wrong time shown for old messages

API 10


Apr 17, 2018


  • Now is it possible to specify the user data dir path in windows command line installation


  • Fixed: Solved a syncing problem after the user has been removed from a chat


Mar 28, 2018


  • Users are now allowed to leave a chat if they are members of a user group
  • Number of users shown in a status message is now limited to 5
  • New Content Search
  • Improved attachments icons
  • Normalized avatar colors
  • Unreads number is now synced with mobile devices
  • Added unarchive option in main chat menu
  • Added support for emojis in avatars
  • Enterprise Directory" is now available in "New Group" modal
  • Added "Allow Editing Chat Members" permission support
  • Added "Allow Block Users" permission support


  • Fixed: App allows sending blank messages
  • Fixed: No notification shown when 1:1 chat partner leaves a chat
  • Fixed: During the creation of a new chat, when members are added (after the first selection), the chat is finally generated only with last selected members
  • Various problems with the calculated title of a 2 members chats during creation process
  • Fixed: Weird behaviour sending several attachments to a 1:1 reused chat
  • Fixed: When a user group is erased by his owner the chat titles are not correcly syncronized
  • Fixed: It is not possible to create a new Chat with a member chosen from Enterprise Directory


Feb 20, 2018


  • Fixed: error during resync


Feb 11, 2018


  • Updated 3rd party libraries
  • Improved Chat scroll
  • Various performance improvements


  • Fixed: app crashing under some conditions


Jan 16, 2018


  • New “Polls” attachment. Great for surveys and coordinating of meetings and tasks


  • Fixed: Error during update from versions older than 1.1.8
  • Fixed: Error when creating a new chat from a group view
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements


Dec 18, 2017


  • Groups created by the user are now stored in backend and synchronized through all user devices
  • User can combine several managed groups, user groups and individual contacts when a new chat is created
  • User can invite multiple contacts as well as groups to an existing chat
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements


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