D. First steps for Teamwire admins

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Learn how to configure Teamwire for your company in just a few steps.

Create admin account

Access the Teamwire Dashboard and register as admin by using your business email address.
Be sure to use a valid email address and mobile number to verify both information by confirmation link and PIN. What's the Teamwire Dashboard? (Registration required)

Your registration will be reviewed by our team.
Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email notification and can log in at https://admin.teamwire.eu.

We recommend that you use two-factor authentication to ensure maximum security for your admin account. The feature is available in your admin profile.

  1. Select "Enable two-factor authentication".
  2. Scan the QR code with your Authenticator app (e.g. FreeOTP Authenticator) and click "Continue".
  3. Enter the token and confirm.

You can change the Dashboard language.

Log in on the Dashboard to open your admin profile in the upper-right area ("My Profile") and change your settings.

Configure organisation

Before your users get started, you should take care of the most important settings.

  • Privacy Mode at Settings > Privacy Settings
    It determines whom the Teamwire users are allowed to get in contact with (e.g. users from their address book). All modes are explained in detail in the dashboard.
  • Password Policies at Settings > Login & Registration
    Define the requirements for the password that users can set to log in on the Teamwire app.


Create and manage users

You can now start creating and inviting user accounts for your employees.

They are maintained in the Dashboard at Manage > Users. Make sure that all users use the same email domain.

  • Invite individual users
    Select "Invite User" and enter the employee's first and last name, and email address. They will receive an email that a Teamwire account has been created.
  • Import users via CSV file
    Use "Import CSV" to create multiple users at once. Select a CSV file from your file explorer to upload it.
    You can use this file as template for your import. Make sure to use commas for delimiter and to encode the file in UTF-8.

Optional: After you have successfully created the user accounts, you can generate a one-time password for them and send it automatically by mail. To do this, tick the respective users and select "Set one-time password".
Please note that your users can only log in with the password if you have previously enabled the "Password Login" option.

Important: Your admin account is not a user account.
To log in on the Teamwire app, create a user with your email address.

You can customise the mail notifications sent to your users and other admins in your organisation. They can be changed in the Dashboard at Settings > Email Templates.

Quick start for your users

Email invitations to users already include information on how to download the Teamwire app.

We recommend that you provide the most important resources in a central info pool to allow your users to get started quickly - e.g. via intranet, SharePoint or mail. This includes

You are also free to use the Rollout to Users Template (Login required) with useful information about the Teamwire features.


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